Water Defense Sundarbans Oil Spill Response Campaign Update

We are happy to announce: Water Defense has finally received the funds raised via the Sundarbans Indiegogo Campaign this week

We raised $59,413, which is well over our initial target of $40,000 to assist with the post-spill clean-up efforts that are underway in the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.

Thank you for your support.

It’s mid-January and 2015 already feels so complete. I guess that's the manifest beauty of seeds sown in 2014. I am so glad we are sending a team to the Sundarbans!

Water Defense Preliminary Cumulative Water Testing Cape Cod, Nantucket, & Toledo, OH

One of Water Defense’s key projects has been to develop new ways to monitor and re-mediate the contaminants responsible for toxic cyanobacteria blooms like the one that shut down the drinking supply for 500,000 people in Toledo, Ohio. Our goal is to help prevent situations like Toledo, OH from happening again.

Cyanobacteria / Toxins in Toledo, Ohio Drinking Water: Water Defense is There

On August 2nd 2014, a state of emergency was declared in Toledo, Ohio shutting down the drinking water supply for 500,000 people.

Water Defense to the Rescue

by Dr. Sarah Oktay, Director, University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station
Yesterday's Island, Today's Nantucket

New Data Says Huge West Virginia Chemical Spill May Have Been More Toxic Than Reported

The mysterious chemical that tainted drinking water for 300,000 West Virginians this past January may have been more toxic than what was previously reported, according to new federally funded research released this afternoon.

We want to change the way the world tests water.

Dear Water Defenders,

I recently attended a meeting for Executive Directors on Cape Cod. There were almost thirty organizations devoted to water quality represented at the meeting, and we were there to brainstorm ways that we can break down any existing barriers between our orgs and work together.

Lynchburg, VA Test Results

We just got the results back from the lab from our testing of the James river bank in Lynchburg, VA and we have found high concentrations of Metals, SVOC's, and VOC's in the river bank.

What’s Coming out of WV Spigots?

West Virginians are being served an untested and unidentified chemical cocktail with a dose of misinformation, half-truths and lies of omission on the side.  We deserve answers to our questions.

The first point of concern is the misleading use of the term MCHM as a substitute for Crude MCHM, deceptively masking the fact that it was not one pollutant, but a mixture of chemicals which were actually “spilled”.  This is an important distinction because of the negative accumulative effect that multiple simultaneous chemical exposures are known to have on human health.

Mark Ruffalo & Scott Smith Speak at MA State House

Water Defense visited the MA State House at the invitation of Brian Mannal (MA State Rep) to discuss the collaboration with Cape Cod Community College and the proposed amendment for funding for Cape Cod water testing.
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