Natural Gas Exxposed

Erie Rising rallies to protect children's health

Last Saturday, hundreds of people rallied and marched in Erie, CO to demand that Encana Oil & Gas halt construction of fracked gas wells that are being built next to three local schools.

Act Now to Halt Fracking in Alabama's National Forests

The Bureau of Land Management is about to sell 43,000 acres of Alabama's national forest to Big Oil & Gas. Here's what you can do to stop them.

Crime Wave On the Bakken Shale

The fracking oil boom on the Bakken Shale has caused an unprecedented crime wave as thousands of oil workers surge into Montana, North Dakota and Saskatchewan.

Fracking, Regulatory Failure and the Wild West

State and federal regulators are asleep at the wheel. Fracking remains virtually unregulated in the United States, putting our communities, health and safety at risk. It's time for us to create an energy policy that puts our communities and country ahead of corporate profit.

Shocking Conflict of Interest: Private Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby

Two of the country's largest private water utility companies are participants in a massive lobbying effort to expand controversial shale gas drilling -- a heavy industrial activity that promises to enrich the water companies but may also put drinking water resources at risk.

'World's Biggest Fracker' Pockets $1 Billion in Shady Deal

Today, Reuters revealed that during the last three years McClendon has borrowed more than a billion dollars in order to pay the operating expenses of the wells that he participates in. For collateral, he has used his ownership in the wells – that is, the future production of the gas and oil.

Tonight: Mark Ruffalo on the Colbert Report

Tonight, at 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, Mark Ruffalo is going on the Colbert Report to launch Water Defense's new campaign, Natural Gas Exxposed. We'd love it if you'd tune in to watch us kick off the campaign.
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