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About Us

Welcome to Water Defense, it’s great to bring you this website that is dedicated to providing helpful guides to help bring you the purest water in life.

My name is Scott Winfield and researching and writing about water filters and other strategies to purify water has become my full time passion in recent years. I’m glad that you found our site and you can look forward to authoritative and well researched content here to help you get the best in water.

Honestly, this wasn’t the path I thought I would take in life. During my college years, I had a job helping a local plumbing company with some of their work, especially installing water purification systems for their customers.

Well, I learned a lot in that job and really became fascinated with this whole industry. Fast forward more than 10 years later and here I am constantly reading and testing the latest in the industry to find out how things work and what products are the most effective.

Myself and the rest of the Water Defense team thank you for reading and please reach out if you have any questions for us at editors@waterdefense.org.