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About Us

Scott, Water Treatment Expert

What is the Water Defense Website?

Welcome to Water Defense, our mission is to provide important information, research, and helpful product guides to help you have the purest water in your life.

Water is increasingly in the news in recent years and, unfortunately, not for good reasons. We are facing environmental disasters from local serious issues such as the Flint water crisis, to recent problems in Jackson, Mississippi, to persistent concerns about water quality across US states as well as world water information that our readers want when they’re traveling overseas.

Transparency & Trust

Please know that all content that our Team publishes is entirely researched and produced by us. We are passionate about water topics and we don’t settle on merely repeating other people’s information. We also do not use AI tools or any aspects of auto-generated content and we never will based on principle.

Our Team individually researches every water topic, writes the content, we carefully run it through our editors, and then finally publish it to our website when we’re completely satisfied that the content is of the highest quality. We also do direct hands-on product reviews so that this information is not just simply sourced from the Internet.

Please also note that we are active participants in the industry and members of nationally recognized organizations such as the Water Quality Association among others.

Water Defense receives no direct compensation from any manufacturer of the products that we review and for the findings we publish.

We do earn commissions from referring readers to manufacturer websites and only if they make a purchase there. However, no manufacturer influences our ratings nor they do they give us compensation to rate them higher than the others. This is why we accept no advertising from manufacturers in order to keep our information free from bias.

Some Words from Our Team Lead, Scott

My name is Scott Winfield and researching and writing about water filters and other strategies to purify water has become my full time passion in recent years. I’m glad that you found our site and you can look forward to authoritative and well researched content here to help you get the best in water.

Honestly, this wasn’t the path I thought I would take in life. During my college years, I had a job helping a local plumbing company with some of their work, especially installing water purification systems for their customers.

Well, I learned a lot in that job and became fascinated with the whole industry. Fast forward more than 10 years later and here I am continually reading and testing the latest in the industry to find out how things work and what products are the most effective.

Scott replacing filters on a water treatment system

Water Defense Expert Panel

We recognize that life is about constant learning and it helps tremendously when you surround yourself with the best industry experts. Here are just a few of the industry veterans that we collaborate with to bring you the right information and to be able to answer your water questions.

Mark Timmons

Mark is a water treatment expert with over 50 years of experience in the industry and he’s also the President of US Water Systems.

Tommy Stricklin

Tommy has decades of experience in the water treatment field. He is an active writer that has published dozens of article on water filtration topics and he is also the Chief Water Scientists at SpringWell Water Filtration Systems.

Craig Phillips

Known popularly as Craig “The Water Guy” Phillips, Craig is a prolific creator of many online videos to educate around the topic of water treatment and water filtration industry veteran of over 30 years. He is also founder and CEO of Quality Water Systems in 1990.

We are proud to have been featured in the world’s top publications

Thank You for Reading!

Myself and the rest of the Water Defense team thank you for reading and please reach out if you have any questions for us at editors@waterdefense.org.