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4 Best Water Filter for Bathtub Faucet

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Bathtub faucet water filters are small devices that attaches to the faucet in a bathtub to filter out sediments and contaminants in the water. They’re very affordable, convenient, and easy to install, hence their popularity amongst bathtub owners.

The best water filter for bathtub faucet is the Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball filter, which effectively filters out chlorine, dirt and odors. It comes with a replaceable filter cartridge, 7 – 8 GPM water flow rate and 2 – 4 months lifespan.

Best Water Filters for Bathtub Faucets
Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter
  • Flow Rate – 7-8 GPM
  • Lifespan – 2-4 months
CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter
  • Flow Rate – 5-6 GPM
  • Lifespan – Up to 12 months
Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter
  • Flow Rate – 4-5 GPM
  • Lifespan – 12-18 months
CWR Bath Tub Filter
  • Flow Rate – Not specified
  • Lifespan – 3-6 months

Bathtub Water Filters

  1. Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter
  2. CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter
  3. Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter
  4. CWR Bath Tub Filter

Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter

Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter
  • Flow Rate – 7-8 GPM
  • Lifetime – 2-4 months
  • The best flow rate
  • Most affordable bathtub faucet filter
  • Removes dirt, unpleasant odors, and chlorine
  • Shorter lifetime than the other products on our list

The Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath model is our preferred choice for best bathtub filter primarily because of its affordable price, which is an absolute bargain. You only need $29 to get your hands on this model, which is less than the price of an average burger in a fast food joint.

The price of this device makes it particularly attractive for people who want to try a bathtub faucet filter for the first time. Since this item is not a major financial investment like reverse osmosis systems or water softeners, anyone can buy this model, try it out, and decide whether or not it’s right for them.

But, the price isn’t the only stand out benefit. Another alluring aspect is its high water flow rate. The Sprite Showers BB-WH model supports flow rates of 7 to 8 GPM, which puts it ahead of most filters in this category. This high flow rate allows you to fill your bath much faster than with other brands, meaning you won’t have to wait long to get into the tub.

The device is effective at filtering chlorine, unpleasant odors, and preventing dirt and dust particles from getting into your bathtub.

The only downside is the model’s lifespan. The Sprite Showers BB-WH lasts around 2-4 months, roughly equaling 30 baths, which is low compared to the other bathtub filter brands.

However, keep in mind that this unit is also significantly more affordable than the other models on the list. So the slightly shorter lifetime is probably an issue you can overlook.

CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter
  • Flow Rate – 5-6 GPM
  • Lifetime – Up to 12 months
  • Uses a multi-stage filtration process
  • Capable of removing chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses
  • Excellent flow rate
  • The strap is flimsy and fails to secure the unit in place firmly.

The CuZn Bath Ball maintains an excellent flow rate of 5-6 GPM, which places it second in the category of high flow rate bath tub water filters.

Asides from the high flow rate, the CuZn model also has a long-lasting filter. While we couldn’t get the exact lifespan, we estimate it can last for up to a year, which is significantly higher than other brands. Of course, the lifespan ultimately depends on the usage but at least 9-10 months of use is the expectation.

CuZn utilizes a multi-stage filtration process in which the water passes through several layers of different media to remove potential water contaminants. The unit uses an alkaline energy gall, medical stone, activated carbon, ceramic shell, PP cotton, and a descaling sphere.

All of these different components effectively removes chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses while also improving the pH balance of the water.

The one thing that might cause you issues is the strap. It is flimsy and doesn’t secure the device in place well, so it may hang at a weird angle and not take in the water properly. You get waterproof tape with every product, to help you secure the strap better, but it does create a bit more work just to fit the filter on the tap properly.

Crystal Quest White Bath Ball Filter

Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter
  • Flow Rate – 4-5 GPM
  • Lifetime – 12-18 months
  • Lasts more than a year
  • Purifies around  2,000 – 2,500 gallons of water
  • Removes dirt, soil, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other contaminants
  • The most expensive bathtub faucet filter on the market

The Crystal Quest bathtub filter lasts over a year or after 2,000 to 2,500 gallons of water usage. It has a mid-low flow rate of 4 to 5 GPM, which still allows you to fill the bathtub at a moderate speed.

This filter removes unpleasant odors and chlorine from the water, as well as other contaminants like chloramine, sulfur, and iron. This is also in addition to removing dirt and soil particles in the water.

While one of the drawback of this product is its lifetime, the main problem is its price. $65 may not seem much, especially when we take into account its long-lasting filter. But, when we compare it to the other bathtub filter brands, it stands out like a sore thumb. Even the second most expensive bathtub filter, CuZn, comes with a considerably lower price tag of $44.95.

CWR Bath Tub Filter

CWR Bath Tub Filter
  • Flow Rate – Not specified
  • Lifetime – 3-6 months
  • Removes dirt, chlorine, iron, rust, and other contaminants
  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The flow rate is not specified

The CWR bathtub filter offers durability and a 3 to 6 months long lasting filter; all at an affordable price. The Sprite Showers BB-WH and the CuZn units last longer but are more expensive.

Additionally, CWR is the only water filter for bathtub faucets with a return policy. You’re able to try this unit and use the 30-day money-back guarantee to return it or exchange it if you find something wrong with it.

The filtration media of the CWR model eliminates chlorine, dirt and dust particulates, iron and rust. But, before you jump headfirst to buy this product, we should mention that we couldn’t find verified information on its water flow rate. Unfortunately, the product specifications overlook this detail, so you’ll need to test to determine the water pressure level above which the CWR model stops purifying the water. For many, not knowing its exact flow rate is a dealbreaker.

Each product is different regarding the flow rate, and since taps do not indicate how fast the water is flowing through, we suggest not turning the faucet to the max setting from the start. If you go slow and stick to a moderate speed, you should be able to fill your tub reasonably fast while effectively purifying the water with the CWR device.

What is a Water Filter for a Bathtub Faucet?

A water filter for a bathtub faucet is a small bulb-shaped item with an opening in the shape of a funnel on one end. These units are similar to shower filters in that they are attached to a water source and purify the water that passes through them.

The purpose of these items is to remove general impurities from the water, like chlorine or dirt, and ensure the water in your bath is clean of common impurities.

Types of Bathtub Faucet Filters

Bathtub faucet units only come in one type – small circular items with an opening on one end. All of them look like small cauldrons down to the strap used to tie them to the bathtub faucet so that they stay in place.

Technically, you may also use products on your bathtub faucet. However, the shapes of kitchen taps and bathtub faucets are generally different, so not every model will fit.

Additionally, most kitchen faucet filters have a slower flow rate or shorter lifetimes than bathtub filters. Either way, you’ll need to replace them more frequently, so we’d recommend sticking with the devices made for bathtubs when filling a bathtub.

How Bathtub Filters Work

Water filters for bathtub faucets have straps that allow you to affix them under the end of the faucet. Once they’re in place and you turn on the water, it’ll pass through the filtration media in the cartridge at its opening.

The water will then enter the unit through the filtration media and will be purified before it pours out of the canister and into the bathtub. So, just keep the tap on, let it run until the bathtub is full, and then turn it off. Once the tub is full, you can either keep the product where it was or remove it and place it somewhere you can’t accidentally kick it.

Make sure the water pressure isn’t too high. Bathtub faucet units have a recommended flow rate, but estimating the gallons per minute passing through the faucet at any given moment is hard.

We suggest going slow first to see if the filter works. Then, if there are no chlorine or dirt particles in the tub water, it’ll be safe to gradually increase the flow rate. Remember that these products can’t do their job correctly if the water flows too quickly.

Advantages of Water Filters for Bathtub Faucets

Bathtub faucet filters are very good at removing chlorine and all the products on our list eliminate this particular chemical.

Additionally, they’re also capable of removing dirt particles from the water.

You also have products with powerful filtration media able to remove heavy metals, unpleasant odors, bacteria, and more. While they can’t remove high concentrations of these contaminants, they will still improve the water quality.

Bathtub faucet filters are also tiny, so they take up no space, and you’ll hardly even notice them once you install them. Speaking of which, the installation is as simple as putting the strap or elastic around the faucet so that the filter is aligned with the faucet’s opening.

The installation takes one minute, and you can easily adjust the filter and its position if needed.

The cartridge replacement process is straightforward. You need to reach into the top of the device, take off or twist off the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

Moreover, bathtub faucet filters are incredibly cost-effective. The initial buying price of these items is around $20 – $60. The replacement cartridges aren’t all that expensive either, usually coming in at about half the product cost.

Finally, with bathtub faucet filters, you also don’t need to worry about maintenance since even the least optimal filters on our list will last a quarter of a year.

All these benefits make them far more convenient than whole-house units, which are bulky, high-maintenance, and expensive. Plus, if you already have a robust treatment unit for your drinking water needs, these products are perfect for your bathtub.

Disadvantages of Water Filters for Bathtub Faucets

Water filters eliminate dirt and chlorine and improve the overall quality of the water, but that’s about it. If your water is highly contaminated, you’ll need a whole-house reverse osmosis system to remove persistent contaminants. The same applies to hard water. If you have extremely hard water, you’ll need to consider getting a home water softener to address the issue.

Moreover, these filters are also very fragile. As a result, it’s very easy to damage or outright break the product while bathing. To avoid this, you need to be extra careful while in the tub or remove the filter once it’s full so you don’t have to worry about it.

You’ll also need to reattach or readjust it any time you move it, but that’s only a slight inconvenience since the strap is easy to place on the faucet and adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest water filter for a bathtub faucet?

The Sprite Showers BB-WH is the most affordable water filter for bathtub faucets at $29 price.

What is the average price of a water filter for a bathtub faucet?

Bathtub filters sell for $15 and $50. The only real exception is the Crystal Quest White model, costing around $65.

How long do bathtub faucet filters last?

A bathtub filter’s life varies. Manufacturers usually indicate it in their product specifications. However, the lifetime will be shortened or extended depending on how often you take a bath.

When companies say that their units last a year, they generally estimate that people will take a bath once or twice a week on average. For instance, brands like Crystal Quest declare their products are able to filter 2k – 2.5k gallons of water or a year of use. The average bathtub holds 40 gallons, and there are roughly 50 weeks in a year. So, if you fill a 40-gallon bathtub once a week, you’ll go through 2k gallons of water in 50 weeks.

While many won’t fit the average, this estimate is accurate since most people shower instead of taking baths because it’s much quicker. When you go for a bath, you usually spend at least an hour in the bathroom, and since not many people have the free time to do that every day, once a week is a pretty accurate estimate.

On the other hand, if you are in the habit of taking a bath two or three times a week, your filter’s lifetime will drop and not apply to your specific situation. If you start noticing chlorine or dirt in your bath water, regardless of how much time you think is left, switching out the cartridge you’re using is best.


The Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter has a great price and flow rate and is the best choice for anyone looking to get a bathtub filter.

The Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter is incredibly long-lasting, and you won’t even need to consider replacing it until at least a year has passed.

The CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter is the best option for people who want to fill their bath as fast as possible.

The CWR Bath Tub Filter is an affordable all-rounder that removes several contaminants but the water flow rate is unknown.

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