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4 Best Water Filter for Coffee (Espresso Machine Filter)

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Let me let you in on a little secret when it comes to making coffee; half of the taste comes from the water you use. You can have the most expensive coffee machine, buy the best-imported blend, and even use your fanciest cups, but the water will always determine whether the cup of coffee is as good as it can be.

This is because your tap water contains a high concentration of minerals that slightly modify its taste or other contaminants that give off a distinct odor.

The best way to neutralize both and get the most out of your coffee is to ensure the water you use is filtered, and we have just the filters for the job.

Coffee Water Filter Comparison Table

Water Filters for Coffee
Clearly Filtered
  • Capacity – 80oz
  • Contaminants Removed – Fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, PFOAs, Hormones & over 365 of the most harmful tap water impurities
  • Filter Life – 100 gallons
  • Warranty – 2-year Warranty
AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Capacity – 1-gallon
  • Contaminants Removed – Lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, and more than 80 other contaminants
  • Filter Life – 600 gallons
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
Brita Water Filter
Faucet Filter
  • Capacity – Unlimited
  • Contaminants Removed – Lead, chlorine, asbestos, particulates, benzene, and more
  • Filter Life – 100 Gallons
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
US Water Systems Raptor Lite
Whole House RO System
  • Capacity – Unlimited
  • Contaminants Removed – Soil, sediment, chlorine, lead, copper, fluoride, radium, and more
  • Filter Life – Not Specified
  • Warranty – 5 years on the membrane and filter housings, and 2 years on the system itself

Best Water Filter for Coffee

1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher for Coffee

Clearly Filtered
  • Price – $ 90.00
  • Capacity – 80oz
  • Contaminants Removed – Fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, PFOAs, Hormones & over 365 of the most harmful tap water impurities
  • Filter Life – 100 gallons
  • Warranty – 2-year Warranty
  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any installation
  • The replacement filters cost half as much as the pitcher itself

This water pitcher is the very definition of simplicity. You put the filter in the slot, pour the water into the reservoir, and the pitcher does the rest. All you need to do is replace the filter after purifying 100 gallons of water.

And the pitcher will tell you when that time comes, too. The straightforward but effective filter replacement indicator on top of the lid lets you know when you’ve filtered close to 100 gallons – reminding you it’s time to get a new filter for the pitcher.

In essence, a little light glows green when the filter is good to go, yellow when the filter is almost depleted, and red when it’s not purifying water anymore. The replacement filters are easy to order directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, they’re not inexpensive at around $55 a pop.

Considering the pitcher itself is $90, $55 for a new filter can make people wary of the long-term costs. But you get 100 gallons of excellent purified water each time, which is a pretty decent filter life, making the price much more understandable.

Additionally, there’s no installation required, you don’t need to attach or detach anything, and the filter is small enough to be placed on any countertop or inside any refrigerator without any issue.

The Clearly Filtered can remove fluoride, lead, PFOAs, and many other common contaminants usually found in drinking water. However, it can’t purify significantly discolored water or water with a distinct odor. For that, you need a more powerful unit.

2. AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System for Coffee

AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Price – $449.00
  • Capacity – 1-gallon
  • Contaminants Removed – Lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, and more than 80 other contaminants
  • Filter Life – 600 gallons
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
  • Very effective 4-stage filtration process
  • 10-15 second filtration time
  • Simple display and controls
  • Expensive

The AquaTru is a very small but very effective countertop filter. This unit uses a four-stage filtration process to eliminate as many contaminants from the water as possible.

The mechanical pre-filter removes sediment fragments and cloudiness from the water to make it clearer. The activated carbon pre-filter removes more than 99% of chlorine and chloramines before the RO membrane takes over to deal with inorganic substances, such as lead or Chromium 6. And finally, the coconut shell filter catches organic contaminants.

Thanks to these filters, the AquaTru can eliminate more than 80 common organic and inorganic contaminants.

All you need to do to use the filter is set it on the counter, plug it into the socket, and fill it up with water. It’s about as easy to use as the Clearly Filtered water pitcher, the only difference being that the filter cartridge might be a little more challenging to replace.

The filtration process takes 10-15 seconds to finish, so by the time you get a mug, you’ll already have clean water to make your cup of coffee.

While this is the second most expensive filtration unit on our list and the most expensive domestic-only unit, the thorough filtration process is worth the price. AquaTru is an excellent option if you live in an area where you can’t drink tap water, let alone get a decent cup of coffee out of it.

3. Brita Faucet Water Filter for Coffee

Brita Water Filter
  • Price – $26.83
  • Capacity – Unlimited
  • Contaminants Removed – Lead, chlorine, asbestos, particulates, benzene, and more
  • Filter Life – 100 Gallons
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
  • Most affordable filter system on our list
  • The filter is effortless to replace
  • Doesn’t affect the faucet water flow
  • Some installation required

The Brina faucet water filter is one of the most attractive filters for coffee thanks to its low, $26.83 price tag. The cost makes it a very appealing option for people who don’t want to spend too much money on a filtration unit but still want to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning.

The faucet filter and the replacement filters are both cheaper than the Clearly Filtered pitcher filter, making this a bargain. You do need to install it, but it’s honestly pretty simple to attach it to your faucet, and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes – 10 at most.

The filter also doesn’t affect the water pressure in any noticeable way, so you can use your faucet the same way you used it before attaching the filter.

However, if you want to extend the battery and the filter life, you can always put the filter on sleep mode whenever you don’t need it. The water will still go through the filter attachment but not the filter itself. This means that you won’t get purified water but regular tap water when it’s in sleep mode.

Brita effectively removes lead and chlorine from your water, as well as asbestos, particulates, benzene particles, and other common contaminants. Thanks to these capabilities, the Brita filter removes any potential odors and aftertaste from your water and, more importantly, ensures that the taste of your coffee isn’t compromised.

The filter’s life is estimated at around 100 gallons of water, which is around 4 months if the filter is always in use. However, if you only use the filter when you want to make a cup of coffee, then it can last you for a year or more. The batteries also have a lifetime of 2-3 years if used regularly and close to 5 years if used sparingly.

4. US Water Systems Raptor Lite Water Filter for Coffee Shops

US Water Systems Raptor Lite
  • Price – $2,930.95
  • Capacity – Unlimited
  • Contaminants Removed – Soil, sediment, chlorine, lead, copper, fluoride, radium, and more
  • Filter Life – Not Specified
  • Warranty – 5 years on the membrane and filter housings, and 2 years on the system itself
  • Very effective filter
  • Excellent warranty
  • Remineralization chamber and electronic TDS monitoring for better water quality
  • Very expensive

There’s nothing that says you can’t get this water filter for your coffee machine at home if you want to splurge, but its performance and functionalities make it ideal for coffee shops and restaurants.

The Raptor Lite has a three-stage pre-filter system: a 5-micron sediment filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a chloramine carbon block post-filter. Thanks to these filters, this water filtration unit can easily remove soil particles, lead, chlorine, copper, fluoride, and almost any common contaminants that might be present in your drinking water.

Raptor Lite is both the most expensive and largest filter on our list. The base 500 GPM version will cost you several thousand dollars, and the more potent 750 GPM version with the large water tanks that come as extras will set you back another few thousand.

The important thing to note is that the base version of this water filter without any water tank attachment is still more than enough for any medium-sized coffee shop. However, if you own a large coffee shop and want to upgrade, you can buy the additional attachments later.

The Raptor Lite might cause you a headache when you first set it up due to its bulk, but it can fit on most countertops, and the base version of this unit is pretty simple to attach to your water pipes. The tanks are also pretty simple to connect if you decide to get them, so you should be able to figure out the installation just by reading the instructions.

Additionally, the remineralization chamber and the TDS meter make this a must-have for coffee shops.

The reverse osmosis process removes minerals from the water, which neutralizes the metallic taste associated with mineral-rich water. However, the fact your coffee won’t contain any calcium or magnesium might make it taste slightly flatter. The remineralization chamber adds some minerals to the water so that the coffee gets a bit of a boost in flavor.

As for the TDS meter, it’s designed to test the quality of the water for you. It ensures that there’s no lead, that the pH is just right, and that there are no contaminants. In a nutshell, it ensures that the water quality is ideal for making the perfect cup of coffee.

How We Reviewed Our Water Filters for Coffee

We’ll share the three most significant factors that we took into account while picking out the best water filters for coffee.

Contaminants Removed

The contaminants in the water you use for brewing affect the taste of the coffee, so the main factor you should consider when buying a water filter for coffee is the number of contaminants it can remove. Run a test on your water, see what kind of contaminants are found, and pick out a filter capable of eliminating those specific compounds.

Water FilterContaminants Removed
Clearly FilteredMore than 365 of the most harmful tap water impurities, including fluoride, lead, BPA, PFOAs, and others
AquaTruLead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, and more than 80 other contaminants
Brita Water FilterLead, chlorine, asbestos, particulates, benzene, and more
US Water Systems Raptor LiteSoil, sediment, chlorine, lead, copper, fluoride, radium, and more

Filter Life

The longer the filter life, the better, as a short filter life also adds up to the cost of the filter in the long run, and it’s more inconvenient.

That being said, if you only use the filter when making coffee, you will get more than a year of use out of each filter, even if you make multiple cups every day.

Water FilterFilter Life
Clearly Filtered100 gallons
AquaTru600 gallons
Brita Water Filter100 gallons
US Water Systems Raptor LiteNot specified


We suggest choosing a model depending on how much coffee you drink. You probably wouldn’t want to splurge if you only drink coffee in the morning. However, spending a few hundred on your filter is probably worth it if you’re an avid drinker. And finally, if you own a small cafe or are an absolute coffee maniac, you can easily justify buying the Raptor Lite.

Water FilterPrice
Clearly Filtered$ 90.00
Brita Water Filter$26.83
US Water Systems Raptor Lite$2,930.95

What is a Water Filter for Coffee?

Water filters are devices that use specific filtration technologies to remove many impurities and contaminants from tap water. While most filters are not specifically designed to improve the taste of coffee, the contaminants they remove affect the taste of coffee and can lead to problems with your coffee machine, so they can absolutely make your coffee brewing more enjoyable.

Different types of water filters are designed to eliminate different contaminants from the water, such as iron, heavy minerals, and other pollutants. What type of filter you choose for your coffee depends on the sort of contaminants present in your water.

How Does a Water Filter for Coffee Work?

A water filter for coffee works the same way as any other filtration unit. Water from your faucet is introduced into the unit and put through a filter that removes specific contaminants. Each of the filtration units we reviewed is different, but they all work on this general basis.

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher is the easiest unit to use since you just need to install the water filter at the bottom of the water reservoir and then fill the reservoir with water. The water will then pass through the filter, and you’ll end up with a pitcher full of clean water.

The AquaTru countertop filter only needs to be plugged in and charged, and it’s good to go. Open the top of the filter, pour in the water, turn it on, wait for a few seconds, and you can pour yourself a glass of reverse osmosis water that you can use in your coffee machine.

The Brita water filter needs to be attached to the end of your kitchen faucet. Once it’s turned on, the internal battery should last a few years, and the filter will automatically filter the water that passes through the faucet while it’s on.

The US Water Systems Raptor Lite is the largest filter of the bunch, so it might be the most difficult to place and install. You need to find enough space for it in your shop or kitchen, and you’ll need to hook it up to your water pipes. However, once you get it installed, it works the same as any other RO system – it passes water through a screen that catches contaminants letting only pure water through.

Types of Water Filters for Coffee

Our list includes countertop, faucet, and pitcher water filters for coffee, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The pitcher is the easiest to use and place since you just need to pour water into the reservoir, and it can fit just about anywhere.

The faucet model requires installation, but you don’t need to refill it manually, and it’s incredibly cheap.

The countertop models require a bit of space on your kitchen surface, but they have very effective filters and are easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people search for while deciding which water filter for coffee to buy.

What is the cheapest water filter for coffee?

The cheapest water filter for coffee from our list is the Brita faucet filter, which will cost you under $30.

What is the average price of a water filter for coffee?

High-end water filters can cost you several thousand dollars, but if you just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, then a good water filter can cost you less than $100 (the Brita model is just $30).

Of course, you can always compromise and get the AquaTru since it’s a good middle ground, and it isn’t all that expensive at $449.

What to look for in water filters for coffee?

We recommend looking at the filter type. Use a home testing kit or send a sample of your water down to a lab to see what contaminants are in it. Once you know what you need to eliminate, find a filter designed for that particular purpose.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the unit is relatively affordable. If you only drink coffee in the morning, then even filters under $100 will do the job. On the other hand, if you’re an avid coffee drinker and you genuinely enjoy the experience, we suggest spending a few hundred dollars on a high-quality filter.

The filter life and the water capacity are important, but we don’t think you need to base your purchase on them. A bigger water capacity and a longer filter life are great bonuses, but the previous two factors are significantly more important if you need your filter just so it can help you brew the best cup of coffee.


The Clearly Filtered pitcher is affordable and easy to use, making it a great option for people who want to make a delicious cup of coffee without having to install anything.

The AquaTru has a very effective filtration process, and it’s convenient for people living in areas where the water is particularly contaminated.

The Brita Water Filter requires a bit of installation, but the price makes it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to try making coffee with filtered water but doesn’t want to break the bank by buying an expensive unit they might not use often.

The US Water Systems Raptor Lite is a considerable investment, so it’s not the best option for domestic use. Still, the effective filtration process and the internal sensors make it ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, or bars.

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