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Best Chlorine Injection Systems for Well Water (2023 Edition)

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Chlorine injection systems are the most effective way to treat iron bacteria in well water, which is usually caused by ferrous and ferric iron.

The best well water chlorine injection system in 2023 is the Springwell CIS chemical injection system, a powerful injector pump feed that kills iron bacteria as well as sulfur and manganese that may also be present in the water.

Here are the most important factors to consider before choosing a chlorine injector system for well water:

  • The system’s capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Best Chlorine Injection Systems:

1. Springwell CIS Chemical Injection System for Well Water

Springwell CIS Chemical Injection System
  • Price – N/A
  • Capacity – 35 Gallon
  • Warranty – lifetime warranty
  • 30 GPM
  • Ideal for up to 7 bathrooms
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • The additional filtration systems cost more than the injector itself

The reason why we consider this unit to be the best overall chlorinator is due to its high GPM and large tank capacity. The Springwell CIS Chemical Injection system can manage flow rates of up to 30 GPM. This flow rate is high enough to cover seven bathrooms, so it’s an ideal option for both very large houses and small apartment complexes.

It also has a lifetime warranty on both tanks and valves, which gives it much better coverage than the other two units on our list.

Additionally, this unit comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee, which gives you enough time to try it and return it if it’s not suitable for your well reservoir.

The brand also offers accompanying UV filtration, whole house filtration, and reverse osmosis filtration systems, all of which are made to be compatible with the Springwell CIS and easily attached. This is a big selling point of this unit since chlorine injectors require additional filtration to be able to purify water.

Chlorine injection systems draw the well water into a tank where the chlorine is added. Chlorine neutralizes high levels of iron, which is common in well water, and kills iron bacteria.

However, after the chlorine injection, the water needs to be treated again and the chlorine removed in order for the water to be safe to drink. For this purpose, chlorine injection units must be paired with regular filtration units to make well water usable after it’s treated.

The fact that all of the Springwell systems are designed to fit together is not only convenient, but it saves you a lot of headaches during the installation.

The only downside of the Springwell CIS is the price. The unit itself costs a lot, but when you pair it with the additional systems, which cost even more, this chlorine injector becomes a considerable investment.

2. US Water 410-CLBOOST Well Water Chlorine Injection System

US Water 410-CLBOOST
  • Price – $1,195
  • Capacity – 15 Gallons
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic chlorine adjustment
  • The display is easy to navigate and use
  • The tank size means the model is limited to homes with up to 5 bathrooms

The US Water 410-CLBOOST may be the best choice for you if you’re new to chlorination or aren’t yet familiar with well water filtration systems.

This model is fully automatic and has an adjustable pump. It has a meter that can accurately determine the water flow in the pipes and allows the US Water 410-CLBOOST to adjust the chlorine injection automatically. Of course, manual adjustment is also possible, but the unit can do most of the work for you if you’re unsure of the amount of chlorine that needs to be added.

Both the injection pump and the chlorine tank have a warranty that lasts two years. While this might not seem like much, especially for a device of this size, it’s pretty decent coverage. Filtration systems usually don’t cover the tanks in their warranties, making this warranty much more valuable.

Additionally, this unit is quite easy to install, and all you need to do is hook up the chlorine tank and the pump to the water supply. Maintenance is also relatively easy. All you need to do is check the tank and ensure that you have enough chlorine. You’ll get instructions on how much water and chlorine should be in the tank from the manufacturer, but it’ll be simple to maintain after a few times.

The US Water 410-CLBOOST tank can hold up to 15 gallons, which gives it less than half the capacity of the Springwell. The lower capacity doesn’t make it an inferior product. However, it does mean that the 410-CLBOOST is best suited for smaller homes. If the Springwell is a chlorinator for 6-7 bathroom homes, the 410-CLBOOST is ideal for 3-5 bathroom homes.

3. J-PRO-22 Chlorine Injection Pump

J-PRO-22 Chemical Injection System
  • Price – $689
  • Capacity – 5 gallons
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Can handle a water flow of up to 50 GPM
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Dual voltage
  • The 5-gallon tank needs to be frequently refilled

The J-PRO-22 model comes in several different sizes. You can get a J-PRO-22 chlorine injection system with a 5-gallon tank, a 15-gallon tank, and a 35-gallon tank. The price will go up as the tank size increases, but the 15 and 35-gallon tanks are still cheaper than the other products on our list with the same capacity.

That being said, the 5-gallon model is the one we’re focusing on because it’s an excellent option for small houses or vacation homes where people don’t need too much water. This unit provides enough power for 1 or 2 people and is very affordable.

Despite its small size, the J-PRO-22 is able to handle up to 50 (GPM) gallons per minute and 110 PSI of pressure. It’s also dual voltage, so it works on 110V and 220V power supplies.

The smaller tank also means that the unit doesn’t take up much space, which makes it an excellent option for cramped homes that can’t fit the larger models. These qualities would make this the ideal first chlorine injector for many people.

The digital display is also easy to navigate, and it allows you to adjust the chlorine dosage quickly if needed.

With the J-PRO-22, you can also use regular household bleach, get liquid pool chlorine, or even make your bleach with powdered calcium hypochlorite.

If we had to mention a downside of this chlorine injector, it would have to be the small tank. While the 5-gallon tank that this model comes with allows you to place it anywhere in your home without worrying about space, it also means that the chlorine will run out faster and will need to be replaced more frequently.

How We Reviewed the Chlorine Injection Systems

In our opinion, the three most important factors when it comes to picking out the right chlorine injector for your home are capacity, price, and warranty.


The tank capacity affects the amount of chlorine an injector is able to hold. This doesn’t matter in terms of performance, but it does affect the frequency of maintenance since a smaller tank will need to be refilled much more often than a large one.

ModelChlorine capacity
Springwell CIS35 gallons
US Water 410-CLBOOST15 gallons
J-PRO-225 gallons


As you can tell by our list, the larger chlorine injection units are around $1000, while a compact, budget unit would be half the price. Regardless of which one you choose, all the products on our list are fairly priced for their features and functionalities. 

Springwell CIS$1,185.75
US Water 410-CLBOOST$1,195


When it comes to warranties, longer is better. Still, we made sure that all our recommended systems have coverage, so you don’t need to worry if something breaks. Getting a good warranty would be ideal, but we recommend finding the right unit for your household needs by prioritizing the products’ flow rate and capacity.

Springwell CISLifetime warranty
US Water 410-CLBOOST2-year warranty
J-PRO-221-year warranty

How Does a Chlorine Injector Work?

Chlorine injection systems are essentially plastic barrels full of chemicals.

The tank is connected to a pump, which is connected to a chemical injector and the water pipes. The pump has a meter that calculates the water flow (gallons per minute, GPM) and adds chlorine from the tank proportionally to the water passing through the pipes.

When the water passes through the chemical injector, it gets infused with chlorine.

Advantages of Chlorine Injection Systems

Chlorine deals with most of the common contaminants found in drinking water, as well as iron bacteria, ferrous iron, and ferric iron, which are substances that are very commonly found in well water.

Outside of chlorine injection, the only other way to remove iron bacteria from your well water is to use a process called shock chlorination, which is a long and challenging procedure.

Chlorine is also very useful when it comes to removing pesticides from your drinking water, as well as other dangerous chemicals.

Disadvantages of Chlorine Injection Systems

Chlorine tanks can’t function on their own — they’ll need an accompanying system in order to purify the water in your pipes. This means that aside from the price of the chlorine tank, you’ll also need to consider the cost of the additional system when taking into account the price of chlorination for your home.

You can either get a whole-house reverse osmosis unit to get rid of the chlorine and make the water drinkable, or you can go with a carbon filter. Regardless of which you decide to go for, you’ll need to attach the units and make sure they are working properly yourself.

You’ll also need to do frequent tests on the water to ensure that the chlorine levels are within a safe range. Thankfully, the smell and the yellowish coloring of chlorine in water are both easy to detect, so it’s easy to tell when something is wrong with your system.

However, small amounts of chlorine might not be all that noticeable in the water, so we recommend testing your water every week to ensure that the chlorine levels are where they should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the most common questions asked by people interested in buying chlorine injectors.

What is the cheapest chlorine injection system?

The most affordable chlorine injection system for your well is the J-PRO-22, which will set you back close to $700.

What is the average price of a chlorine injection system?

The price of a whole-house chlorine injection unit is between $1,000 and $3,000.
The two larger units on our list are around the $1,000 mark, but models like the Genesis Whole House Chlorination System will set you back $2,500.

As for smaller units, like the J-PRO-22 or the iSpring Chlorinator, you’ll need to pay between $700 and $1,000.

What does installing a chlorine injection system require?

The first thing that you’ll need to do is remove a section of the main water pipes in your basement. Then get a few PVC pipes so the inception system can be attached to the water supply.

Mount the pump and the power supply box next to the section of pipe that you removed and place the chlorine barrel underneath. You then bridge the gap between the pipes with PVC. Inside the PVC, you should place the chemical injector.

Once the injector is in the PVC and connected to the water pipes, you’ll need to connect the pump to the injector and the chlorine barrel. After that’s done, all you need to do is connect the pump to the power box, plug everything in, and turn on the switch.

We also recommend placing a shut-off valve on both ends of the water pipes since you never know when you’ll need to cut off the water supply in case something starts to leak or break.
Keep in mind that this is only an oversimplified version of the installation process, and if you want to learn how to do it yourself, you’ll need to take a look at the user manual that comes with the chlorine injection system.


The Springwell CIS chemical injection system has great accompanying systems, as well as a large tank capacity and GPM, making it a great option for large homes with 6 or 7 bathrooms.

The US Water 410-CLBOOST chemical injection system is easy to use, easy to maintain, and has a decent tank capacity, so it’s a good choice for most people and homes with 3-5 bathrooms.

The J-PRO-22 chemical injection system is the most affordable option, it’s easy to install, and while the 5-gallon tank might sound small, it’s ideal for homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms.

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