We Are There At The Animas River Spill

On Wednesday, August 8, the EPA unleashed a massive deluge of contaminated water from an abandoned gold mine into the Animas River. Water Defense arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and immediately began conducting tests for contamination.

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Using our cumulative water testing technology, we were able to detect chemicals in the water over time periods of thirty minutes to twelve hours. Our cumulative testing takes into account that water is constantly changing and moving, and contaminated water is no different. In this way, the data we generate closely approximates the way in which living creatures encounter water on a daily basis.

The data we have generated illustrates the utility of our water testing methodology. Lab tests confirm the presence of Vanadium, Barium, Beryllium, and Lead. These tests did not yield the same results when conducted at the San Juan River before it joins the Animas. This points directly towards the EPA spill as being the source of these contaminants.

Water Defense will remain in the area, partnering with the Navajo Nation as they are forced to live with the aftermath of this catastrophe. We will conduct testing for possible radioactivity and sample the sediment in which contaminants may have become embedded. This data will be essential to the long-term mitigation of negative impacts from the spill. Water Defense will also educate and empower local communities to monitor water quality long after Water Defense has finished testing and sharing data.

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The Water Defense Team

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