Mark Ruffalo Appoints Scott Smith as Chief Scientist of Water Defense

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Smith to the position of Chief Scientist at Water Defense as part of our expanding work into remediating chemical and oil spills. Scott is the Founder & Inventor of OPFLEX®, a groundbreaking technology used in both baseline water testing and filtering and cleaning polluted waterways.

Water Defense Executive Director John Pratt said, “Scott Smith is a clean water warrior who has traveled across the United States and Canada to sites of toxic spills into our waterways in order to help mitigate environmental damage. Scott has deployed his green technology to fingerprint the water column for accumulation of oil and toxic chemicals as well as clean polluted waterways, often for free.”

Scott Smith demonstrates a deep and personal commitment to protecting our water, and has appeared on a multitude of news outlets which include USA Today, ABC during the ExxonMobil Mayflower oil spill, and recently the Real News Network.

Scott will be working with the Water Defense team on rolling out a suite of tools for communities to do baseline testing for accumulation of contamination in the water column. Dependable baseline water testing is the first line of Water Defense and we will be providing communities across the world with the technology to do just that.

In the words of Scott, “I am honored to be joining forces with Mark Ruffalo and John Pratt at Water Defense. Mark and John have made it their mission to fight for clean water and help preserve the waterways. I look forward to working with Water Defense as Chief Scientist to further this mission."

This is an exciting time for Water Defense. Since our launch in 2010 we have worked to provide clean water to people in need across the country. We have partnered with organizations like Artists Against Fracking and the Solutions Project to fight dirty fuel extraction and provide alternatives. Now we are taking the fight to the many ground zeros around the globe to fight for clean water for all.

I hope you will join Scott and I, along with John Pratt and the Water Defense team, in our fight for clean water!

Mark Ruffalo

About Water Defense

Founded by actor Mark Ruffalo, Water Defense works to create a world where water is safe to drink, where the oceans don't rise and where the economy is powered by clean, sustainable sources of energy.

To schedule an interview with Mark Ruffalo and/or Scott Smith contact John Pratt: / 845 476 7039