Water Defense Updates

It’s mid-January and 2015 already feels so complete. I guess that's the manifest beauty of seeds sown in 2014. I am so glad we are sending a team to the Sundarbans!
On August 2nd 2014, a state of emergency was declared in Toledo, Ohio shutting down the drinking water supply for 500,000 people.

by Dr. Sarah Oktay, Director, University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station

Early last spring, on March 29, ExxonMobil’s 65-year-old Pegasus pipeline burst in the Northwoods subdivision. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spewed out of a six-metre gash, running down the street and across yards and driveways.

The mysterious chemical that tainted drinking water for 300,000 West Virginians this past January may have been more toxic than what was previously reported, according to new federally funded