About Us

Water is our most precious resource. It’s also one of the scarcest. Less than one tenth of one percent of all the water on earth is safe and available for us to use. One in five people worldwide doesn’t have safe drinking water. One in two don’t have water for sanitation. 

Here in America, the fossil fuel industry has brought the water crisis to our doorstep. Mining and drilling have poisoned countless communities' drinking water with methane, benzene, lead, and thousands of other known carcinogens and deadly toxins, leaving parents helpless to protect their children from what comes out of the tap.

What we get in exchange for those billions of gallons of poisoned water is a warming planet. Today, as global carbon emissions continue to rise and we careen towards climate tipping points, humanity faces the most serious crisis in our history. If we don’t dramatically reduce carbon emissions soon, we’ll pass the point of no return. 

America has a choice between dirty fossil fuels that poison water and clean energy that rebuilds our economy. Water Defense's mission is to make sure that America makes the right choice. Founded by actor Mark Ruffalo, Water Defense works to create a world where water is safe to drink, a world where the oceans don't rise and the economy is powered by clean, sustainable sources of energy like wind, water and solar.

You can reach us at (845) 476-7039 or by email.

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