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ProOne vs Berkey – Differences and Comparison

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ProOne (formerly Propur) and Berkey are industry-leading water filtration brands in the United States. They compete against each other, as their flagship products are countertop water filters with gravity filtration.

Berkey produces only countertop water filters in different sizes. ProOne has a more diverse catalog of whole house filters and water pitchers, although the ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter remains the most popular and cherished product from this brand.

The main difference between Berkey’s Big Berkey vs ProOne Big+ is the filtration capacity, size, warranty, and price. Otherwise, they are similar in appearance and have almost identical filtration technologies and contaminant removal abilities.

Pro One vs. Berkey

ProOne Big+ vs Big Berkey

ProOne Big+ and Big Berkey are two countertop water filtration devices made of stainless steel. They both have a cylindrical shape, rely on gravity water-filtration, and have their own proprietary filter media. In addition, both devices remove more than 200 contaminants.

Despite these similarities, they have major differences in size, water capacity, contaminant reduction rates, filtration capacity (i.e., filter life), warranty, and price.

Comparison Chart

Key AttributesProOne Big+Big Berkey
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
SpigotStainless steelBPA-free plastic
Water capacity3 gallons2.25 gallons
Filtration technologyProOne G2.0 with ionic absorption, silver-infused ceramic shell, and carbon blockBlack Berkey Elements with microfiltration, absorption, adsorption, and prolonged contact time
Contaminants removed200+ contaminants200+ contaminants
Filtration capacity1,200 gallons / 6-9 months3,000 gallons / 1-2 years
SizeDiameter: 9 inches, Height: 22.75 inchesDiameter: 8.5 inches, Length: 21 inches
Weight10 lbs7 lbs
Warranty5 yearsLifetime
Replacement Filter Price$83.95 for one G2.0, $156.95 for a two-filter setup$166 (two-filter setup default)
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Appearance, Size, and Water Capacity

Big Berkey is a high-end water filtration product. It has a sturdy stainless steel body but also a plastic spigot, which is unbecoming for an item of this quality. ProOne Big+, on the other hand, comes with a stainless steel spigot that perfectly complements its body.

However, if you’re short on counter space, Big Berkey has a size advantage over ProOne Big+. Whereas the former has a diameter of 8.5 inches and a height of 21 inches, the latter has 9 inches diameter and 22.75 inches height. Because of its size, ProOne Big+ is also heavier. It weighs 10 lbs, while Big Berkey weighs only 7 lbs.

Big Berkey Water Filter
Big Berkey Water Filter

If you have a large countertop space, the measurements of the ProOne Big+ are not a disadvantage. They simply indicate that it’s a bigger unit with a higher water capacity. While Big Berkey can hold only 2.25 gallons of water, Pro One Big+ has a 3-gallon water capacity.

ProOne Water Filter
ProOne Water Filter

Filtration Technology and Contaminants Removed

Both ProOne Big+ and Big Berkey filter more than 200 contaminants. This is thanks to their proprietary technologies, namely Pro One G2.0 and Black Berkey Elements, which blends ionic adsorption, absorption, and different versions of carbon media.

However, when it comes to reducing unpopular contaminants like copper, Big Berkey has the upper hand because of the Black Berkey Elements’ prolonged exposure time.

For instance, Envirotek Lab reports that Black Berkey Elements remarkably reduce copper levels in the water by 99.9%. Pro One Big+’s performance data sheet shows only an 89.8% copper reduction.

Another example of Black Berkey Elements’ superiority is the technology’s hexavalent chromium reduction rates; 99.9%. ProOne G2.0, on the other hand, reduces the levels of this carcinogenic heavy metal by 98.7%.

Additionally, Big Berkey comes out on top when it comes to retaining healthy minerals as it doesn’t change their rates. ProOne+ reduces calcium levels in your water by 81.1%.

But there’s one minor advantage ProOne Big+ has over Big Berkey. The former removes fluoride, while you need to purchase additional fluoride filters for the latter. It’s no big deal, as fluoride doesn’t pose an immediate health risk, but it’s worth mentioning.

Filtration Capacity and Maintenance Requirements

Countertop gravity water filters are low maintenance devices. You only need to gently scrub both its exterior and interior with a soft brush on a monthly basis to prevent mineral or sediment buildup. In addition, you need to replace its filters regularly.

Fortunately, ProOne Big+ and Big Berkey are probably the two top countertop gravity filters when it comes to filtration capacity. Still, Big Berkey’s advantage on this front shouldn’t be underestimated.

While standard countertop gravity filters, such as Alexapure, have a filter life of one or two months with a filtration capacity of 200 to 300 gallons, Big Berkey (that comes with a two-pack Black Berkey Elements by default) has a filtration capacity of 3,000 gallons. This number equals one or two years (maybe more) of safe and clean water without needing filter replacement.

What’s better is Big Berkey is designed to hold up to four Black Berkey Elements. So, you can double its filtration capacity by purchasing an extra pack.

Although ProOne Big+ is no slouch, its 1,200-gallon filtration capacity is still humble compared to Big Berkey’s. It still provides safe water for more than six months for you and your family.

Warranty and Price

In the sub-niche of countertop filtration, brands typically offer one to five years of warranty to their customers. Because of this, Big Berkey’s lifetime warranty is excellent evidence of the brand’s trust in its own product.

ProOne Big+ comes with a five-year warranty, which is a fair warranty when compared to other brands’ countertop devices (Alexapure offers none, and Brita’s latest countertop unit has only two years of warranty), but it doesn’t compare to Berkey’s lifetime warranty.

When it comes to the pricing, ProOne Big+ seems to be the more reasonable choice at first glance. It only costs $229.95, which is far more affordable than Big Berkey’s price tag of $367.

However, while ProOne Big+ comes with only 1 Pro One G2.0 filter, Big Berkey comes with 2 Black Berkey Elements. Additionally, a two-pack purchase of Pro One G2.0 adds up to $156.95, and a two-pack Black Berkey Elements costs $166.

Considering that Black Berkey Elements’ filtration capacity is more than 2x the Pro One G2.0’s, Big Berkey emerges as the more affordable pick in the long run.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy ProOne or Berkey?

Pro One Big+ is the better choice if you care about water capacity, affordability, and spigot quality. Big Berkey has the upper hand in key aspects such as contaminant reduction rates, filtration capacity, warranty, and long-term costs.

ProOne Overview

Pro One

ProOne is a water filtration brand founded in 2010 by innovative American scientist Steve Steinway. The brand’s principle is to provide American citizens with uncomplicated yet effective water filters while staying transparent about its filtration methods.

And they do just that — ProOne filtration devices are easy-to-use, have user-friendly designs, and the brand shares ample information regarding the filtration technologies they use.

Additionally, ProOne continuously hires the services of independent water testing labs to test and certify its products against the standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can find all the performance data sheets that show these independent test results on the brand’s website.

ProOne’s innovative water treatment technologies include:

  • Silver-infused ceramic shell: А new technology that targets pathogenic microorganisms while preventing bacterial and viral infestation inside the filtration unit.
  • Proprietary carbon-based granular media: An upgrade on regular granular or catalytic carbon media, which reduces aesthetic nuisances such as color, odor, taste, and chlorine. It also effectively removes volatile chemicals, microplastics, and PFAS/PFOA.
  • Electro-absorptive non-woven technology: An electrically charged media that attracts and traps a wide range of contaminants (particulates, viral pathogens, trace chemicals, pharmaceuticals).
  • Multi-staged infused micro-porous foam disk media: Technology that targets different contaminant groups (volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and fluoride) in each stage.

On a last note, despite the brand’s best efforts to retain healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, its filtration technologies reduces calcium in water by 81.1%.

List of ProOne Water Filters

ProOne has 3 countertop gravity filtration water filters, 1 water pitcher, 1 survival filter, 3 whole house water filter systems, and 3 under-the-counter water filters:

  • ProOne countertop gravity filtration units: The ProOne products in this category are called Big+, Traveler+, and Big II. The first two are made of stainless steel, while the Big II is made of lightweight BPA- and PVC-free plastics. The Big+ unit has a 3-gallon filtered water capacity and can accommodate the drinking water needs of families of four or more. The Traveler+ unit is the most compact model with its 2.25-gallon capacity. The Big II model is plastic, so it’s the most affordable unit despite having 2.5-gallon water containers. All the models use ProOne G2.0 filters, combining all the filtration techniques mentioned above. The Big+ model is the most popular item in this category due to its high water capacity and stainless steel body.
  • ProOne Water Filter Pitcher: The brand’s only water filter pitcher houses a G2.0 filter cartridge. It has a 6.75-cup (54oz) water capacity, which is way below the industry standard (10-cup). Despite this, it’s one of the most expensive water filter pitchers ($73.95) thanks to the G2.0 filter, which offers robust water treatment.
  • ProOne Scout II Portable Water Filter: Scout II has a 1.5-gallon water capacity, yet it’s compact enough for backpacking, hiking, and traveling. It’s also compatible with the Pro One G2.0 filters.
  • ProOne whole house water filtration systems: If you want to treat water at home on a large scale, ProOne offers 3 whole house filtration system options: ProHome Complete, ProHome Plus, and ProHome Standard. The lattermost model is the most basic with its three-tank setup, 50,000-gallon filter life, and electro-absorptive sub-micron filter. ProHome Plus is an upgrade on that with its sediment pre-filter. ProHome Complete is the most comprehensive model, as it also comes with a saltless water conditioner.
  • ProOne under-the-counter filters: If you want clean water running from a specific faucet, ProOne has three under-the-counter filter models: FS10, ProMax, and ColdStream. Despite employing different filters, FS10 and ColdStream remove more than 220 contaminants from the water. These include volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, microplastics, PFOA/PFAS, and aesthetic nuisances. The ProMax is effective against more than 200 contaminants, which is still impressive. ColdStream has a filter life of 2,600 gallons. While that number is 2,000 in FS10, the ProMax model only lasts 900 gallons.

Berkey Overview

Big Berkey Gravity Filter

Berkey is one of the most innovative, successful, and reliable water filtration brands in the United States. The popularity of its products, especially of the Big Berkey, is a testament to that.

However, unlike ProOne, Berkey doesn’t utilize different filtration techniques in different models. Rather, it has only two filters: Black Berkey Elements and Berkey Fluoride Filters.

The latter is quite straightforward. The filter is specifically engineered to remove fluoride from water — and it does it with a reduction date of 97% at minimum.

The Black Berkey Elements are a bit more complicated as they use unique and proprietary filtration technology. They’re a set of two filters meant to be used together.

Although Berkey doesn’t disclose all the information regarding the Black Berkey Elements’ proprietary filtration technologies, we know that these innovative filters work on three basic principles:

  • Adsorption: Adsorption is a technique in which contaminants with ionic structures are trapped by their electrostatic surface charge. Such impurities include heavy metals, volatile compounds, and pathogens like viruses.
  • Absorption: The Black Berkey Elements’ inside walls are covered with absorptive media. These media attract impurities with an electric charge and trap and bind them in ever-lasting bonds. Some of these impurities include lead, arsenic, antimony, and hexavalent chromium.
  • Microfiltration with prolonged exposure time: The Black Berkey Elements have six different filtration media in one cartridge. The Berkey engineers have strategically placed these media inside the cartridge to create microscopic labyrinthine paths full of twists and turns. That way, the exposure time between impurities and filtration media is prolonged, leading to a more thorough and potent filtration and higher contaminant reduction rates for Berkey filtration units.

If you’re curious, Berkey provides its customers with detailed performance data sheets where you can learn all about Black Berkey Elements’ contaminant reduction rates.

List of Berkey Water Filters

Berkey sells only countertop gravity water filters, with the exception of one shower filter for chlorine. Its 6 models in this category are the following:

  • Crown Berkey: It’s the largest item in the brand’s catalog with its 6-gallon water capacity, making it the evident choice for crowded families and small offices. Plus, it can hold up to eight Black Berkey Elements, allowing it to be faster and last longer.
  • Imperial Berkey: If you have a family of six to ten with average drinking water needs, Imperial Berkey is ideal thanks to its 4.5-gallon water capacity and ability to house up to six Black Berkey Elements.
  • Royal Berkey:  The Royal unit targets families of four to six. Its water capacity is 3.25 gallons, and it can hold up to four Black Berkey Elements.
  • Big Berkey: Big Berkey is one of the most effective and best-selling countertop gravity filters on the market. It’s ideal for an average family of four thanks to its 2.25-gallon container units and ability to accommodate four Black Berkey Elements.
  • Travel Berkey: As can be deduced from the product name, Travel Berkey is the most travel-friendly and compact item the brand has to offer. It can hold only two Black Berkey Elements and has a 1.5-gallon filtered water container.
  • Berkey Light: Berkey Light is made of BPA-free plastics, so it’s the most lightweight Berkey model. Despite its lightness, it can hold 2.75 gallons of filtered water and four Black Berkey Elements.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy ProOne or Berkey?

Pro One Big+ is the better choice if you care about water capacity, affordability, and spigot quality. Big Berkey has the upper hand in key aspects such as contaminant reduction rates, filtration capacity, warranty, and long-term costs.

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